Bob Cut A Short Hair Chances Are You Can Also Headlines

Now take the red network era, a lot of people scrambling to the headlines from the media, in fact, if you cut a good-looking bob short hair, chances are you will be able to headlines. Because this wave short hair is so beautiful, I do not believe? Seeing believes.

Sister paper who may feel that bob on the way, but the ball head slightly change the bangs , a change in volume of Punta degrees have very different, and these wave head are super nice, allowing you to change the United States has become the focus of others, perhaps not accidentally on the heart of the headlines others.

Style 1

Cover eyebrow slightly curled Qi Liu with fluffy bob shape super temperament, coupled with brown hair makes girl sister becomes pink.

Style 2

Oblique fringe with slightly messy fluffy bob with short hair can be modified only a little face, and to create a fresh style, allowing sister paper captured the hearts of men and God.

Style 3

Side of the parting wave short hair, Alice Liu overseas design can not only repair Yen face-lift, but also let modeling more layered, but can be added to the gas field.

Style 4

Nineteen point’s deduction within oblique bangs bob with short hair asymmetrical beauty, so sister paper looks more temperament, whether at work or appointments shopping can become the focus.

Style 5

Buckle inside with the air bangs bob whole sweet simplicity, and can be modified cute little face, very young and energetic.

Style 6

Oblique bangs with a short bob trendy volume of pricey, curly hair rich layers make shape looks fluffy, in the visual face-lift effect, brown hair and make skin look more perfect sister paper.

Style 7

With both sides of the buckle Qi Liu hair repair a lovely face, then maroon hair make skin more white and tender sister paper, looks over the United States clatter.

Style 8

The oblique Liu Hay Bubo head, the tail trim gradient let build a rich texture, adding to the charm of temperament. Brown hair not only makes the skin whiter, but also to the sister paper color looks better.

Style 9

Irregular oblique Liu buckle with straight hair ball head fresh and sweet, super good affect by age, not only for students but also for sister out of the workplace OL them.

Style 10

With temples oblique fringe hair modified face, and wave the tail hair trim levels allow modeling becomes fluffy, look better.

Style 11

Nineteen points bang bangs head shape with a short wave volume on both sides of asymmetrical shape designed to look more unique, repair Yen and better results.

Style 12

Bob with bangs large air modeling show personality charm, and with the other bob above a completely different temperament, looks more fashionable personality.

Style 13

Same curly bob, but a different cut and curly hair with bangs tail has a unique charm, coupled with light brown hair so that the whole shape looks more youthful and dynamic.

Style 14

Straight hair ball head Liu Qi and with hair on both sides with a modified cute little face, dark brown hair sister paper to make the skin look better, on the whole simple yet temperament.

Style 15

Also straight bob hair, change hair color and trim bangs way, it is not the same temperament charm. This is also the reason for the enduring wave head shape, head shape that wave every year, there will be little change, let it become more fashionable in line with fashion trends.

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