7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

Pilates is becoming an effective campaign to enhance body strength. “Pilates is suitable for all levels of the population, which is one of its greatest strengths,” Andrea Speir, a Pilates instructor who DailyBurn website said. “Classical Pilates with more than more than 600 movements, all movements have been improved. ” 7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

Some people might think that Pilates require expensive space and equipment, but in fact, the sport needs a cushion.

7 Pilates movements presented here not only do not require any equipment, and the action is very simple and can be practiced anywhere. After training, you will find your core strength has been greatly enhanced. “Pilates is a body-wide training, each action is targeted,” said Speir.

In a long time, if you have no waist training, after some adjustments, you can accomplish these actions. “I think this is new or was dissatisfied with their body of the people was one of the best training methods because it can help you to establish and consolidate their power base. “Speir said.

Now we start to try these 7 simple moves now!

▌ 1. “the Pilates 100”

 7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

Speir said, the core of every Pilates exercise is “100 times practice” in order to accelerate blood circulation, play a role in warming up. “This exercise at the end of a hard time with it? If this is the case, then to reduce training times and 50 times, “Speir suggested. “That is, breathe 5 times, and exhale for 5 times. Group of a total of 5 exercises. Notice abdominal movements combined with breathing. ”

Specific actions:

  1. Legs on the chest, hold the legs, curly on the head and chest, like a tight ball;
  2. Stretched his legs, height flush with the desktop, above the hip knee leg parallel to the ground. Hold down behind the thigh, hard curls, abdominal left thigh;
  3. Arm on the abdominal wall just above, move the arm up and down 6 to 8 inches, combined with deep breathing, breathe 5 times, and breathe 5 times;
  4. Repeat 10 group, and cannot be interrupted. If you feel it difficult to complete this action, can be buckled up to the head rest on the head flat on the floor.

▌ 2. ball roll

 7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

Don’t be so tense. This simple and fun action actually massage back muscles, while the ABS workout, Speir said. Speir said, “this practice is suitable for beginners, because when you do this, round the spine can help you learn how to effectively exercise your core muscles, these muscles can get exercise.”

Specific actions:

  1. Take sitting position, knees bent, legs, toes on the ground only;
  2. Each hand hold side rear thigh, feet raised. Keep the distance between knee and shoulder, will stretch between your knees;
  3. Inhale, exhale, strengthen your ABS, exercise balance in breaths;
  4. Shoulder roll (do not use head or neck), and then back up, to find a balance, keeping for a while. Repeat exercise 5 times.

▌ 3. single-leg rotation

 7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

Through this simple action, you will learn how to make the abdominal muscles a workout, even when you’re doing the leg exercises. “If you need to bend your knees while rotating it would bend! “Speir said. “Legs bend so much better than hip and left in situ. ”

For beginners, this action another prerequisite is: it can help non-rotating legs bent, rather than let it lay on the mat, which can exercise the heart and hip muscles.

Specific actions:

  1. Lie on your back on the mat, shoulders down, ribs, right leg straight up, bending left leg, left foot flat on the floor;
  2. Rotate right leg across the whole body turned to his left shoulder, reverse-turn to the right shoulder, returned to the middle to stop;
  3. Keep the abdomen. Repeat 5 times, then rotate in the opposite direction, then one leg exercises.

▌ 4. single leg exercises

 7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

Single-leg exercises is a simple training, it can make the body ready to learn more advanced Pilates movements (legs).

Speir said, first master the single-leg movements can help you learn how to find and maintain an appropriate level of action. “To ensure the legs close together, even if one leg is stretched out. Knees keep in touch throughout the process, “Speir suggested.”Median line connections that will help lower abdominal muscle exercise, keep the legs swing or rotate around up and down, making movement more difficult, allowed back and buttocks”.

Specific actions:

  1. Lie on your back on the mat, feet, and legs are a longer perspective;
  2. Out his legs, inner thighs and knees close;
  3. Stretch the fingers to the toes. Slowly bend upward, as close as possible to the toes;
  4. Just roll your shoulders right on his back, stop;
  5. Repeat 4 times. Put down the side of the foot, out of the other side, repeat 4 times.

▌ 5. roll the bike

 7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

Who says Pilates is complex? The action is simple, and the entire middle part of your body can get exercise. “This is one of my favorite actions, it can make you have an amazing core of strength,” said Speir.

If the head’s actions made you feel neck pain, roll a towel, under pressure in the back, pulling on his head. “It will help to see your ABS, and ensure that it can mimic the movements of the head and neck to get exercise,” said Speir. Remember, lying flat on the ground, you just have to keep your head and neck curled up on the line, doing other actions can be combined with the action.

Specific actions:

  1. Lie flat on the ground, stretch a knee to the chest, hands on head;
  2. Stretched in front of the right leg, left leg bent. Turn it to the left leg, lasts 3 times;
  3. Change the left leg straight, stretch your right knee to the chest. Chest to the right knee 3 times;
  4. Repeat 2 times. Then, speeding up action, do more than 4 groups (1 per side).

▌6. Saw movement

 7 Easy Simple Pilates Moves For a Core Workout

If you don’t like the way the traditional ABS workout (roll), you can try this new movement.

“This practice helps to open and stretch the shoulder and upper back muscles,” said Speir. “This is a beginner must learn action, because it is the basis for training, to stay in shape, but also increases muscle strength, body full stretch. ”

Specific actions:

  1. Sit up straight, legs apart, and yoga mat with wide;
  2. Arms straight, placed on both sides of the body, the body twisted to the left;
  3. Right hand left foot, 3 times;
  4. Aligning the body. Changed repeat the exercise. Again each focus on 1 or more times.

▌ 7. the Little Mermaid

This stretching action on both sides of a major role in the body, can reap unexpected exercise, Speir said. “It feels great! It not only can relieve tension, can stretch your body.”

Specific actions:

  1. Seat and right buttock, legs folded, at the left side (like a mermaid! );
  2. Left hand ankle, right arm straight up, contact the ear;
  3. Abdomen, right arm toward the ceiling stretched out, and then go to the left side, ensure the arms straight. You will have the feeling of stretching of the body was right. Repeat 2 times. Stretches in the opposite direction, placed his right hand on the mat, slightly curved;
  4. Lift the left arm, near the ear into the right side. Rotate the leg and repeat for the other side of exercise.


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