10 Celebrities Grab Whitening Skin They Think

Skin complexes have been around for ages in the United States. This gigantic country has imposed their standards of beauty into other countries, popularizing the fact that whiter skin color represents a more attractive look than the black skin. This has its roots in the ancient bourgeois where white people represented wealth and success, and black people just merely “the help”. Of course we do not approve of this idea, as it is unacceptable in today’s society, but still, the repercussions of this idea have stayed with us ever since, as expressed by the following artists, who have bleached their skin in order to appeal more to the general law of beauty.


A Nigerian native, Dencia has developed a remarkable market for herself selling some polemic products: skin whitening ones. It has given her a fortune, and of course, some detractors that protest towards the message this sends. DenciaRead more »


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